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amd070101-240Alice W. Lee, MD, ABIHM is a holistic and integrative psychiatrist practicing in Gaithersburg, Maryland, who combines nutritional medicine (orthomolecular psychiatry), energy medicine, and other alternative therapies in the holistic and integrative treatment of mental health conditions. Her training in child, adolescent & adult psychiatry and her clinical experience with prescription medications allow her to:

  1. Facilitate natural, rapid, and safe recovery from mental illness before resorting to the use of prescription medications.
  2. Reduce or eliminate the need for prescription medications.
  3. Tailor the treatment to the unique needs of each patient.
  4. Educate everyone about effective, safe, and natural healing approaches.
  5. Minimize withdrawal symptoms from medications.
  6. Allow for safe medication reduction prior to pregnancy.
  7. Reduce postpartum depression and anxiety.
  8. Provide young children with mental health issues a medication-free option.

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The content provided by this site is for informational purposes only and has not been approved by the U.S. FDA. This site is not intended to provide personal medical advice, which should be obtained from a medical professional.

Sustainable Mental Health: Fast, Easy and Cheap

What is the number one factor that gives a person the best prognosis and the best chance for sustainable mental health? Someone who takes care of their mental health before it falls apart! In one word: prevention.

The reason why it is important to take care of yourself when stressed is because, if it is ignored day after day, it often leads to chronic mental illness.  Usually this begins with problems with focus, advances to mood difficulties, then to mood modulation problems or severe anxiety, and for some to psychotic symptoms.  When stressors affect a vulnerable person, who has a weakened system, it often leads to a crisis, because the person becomes overwhelmed.  At that point, a psychiatric diagnostic label is given to the person that is considered, by today’s society, chronic and incurable. Also, often a prescription medication is initiated, during the crisis, that is difficult, if not impossible, for most to discontinue, leading to life-long psychiatric treatment and medication dependency.

Consider the number of individuals currently taking psychotropic medications.  Don’t be the person who waits around for this to happen to you.  Do something to prevent it from occurring in your or your loved ones’ lives.

What I wish for everyone who is under stress, but is not yet at a point of crisis or taking a prescription medication, is the opportunity to address it now, before it evolves into a health crisis.

For this purpose, I am offering all those who feel stressed and have wanted to receive help before they reach a crisis point, to consider a short–five sessions–in a holistic setting, learning how to maintain sustainable mental health–at a 50% discount off of my usual fees.  You will learn about the role of nutrition, supplements and energy medicine. With your new tools, you will be supported forever in facing the challenges and stressors of life and have the tools you need to sustain mental health, and you’ll be able to do this easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

Holistic Approach to Healing ADHD in a Five Year Old Boy

From an early age, our son was very active. For the first few years, we attributed this to him being “all boy”. However, we became more concerned as he attended preschool. He had trouble sitting still and easily became upset. Frequently, he would push other children, kick things and throw tantrums. He was suspended from two preschools for his behavior and we began looking into a diagnosis for his social/emotional challenges.

As he entered kindergarten, we began seeing a social worker, who, with feedback from the school, diagnosed him with ADHD. Our son saw a licensed psychiatrist so that his diagnosis would be “official” for the school and he would be placed in a 504 program to address his needs. The psychiatrist recommended placing him on medication, and we were very much against this idea. He was attending a social skills group at the time, and several of the other parents stated that the medication they were giving their children was not the “magic bullet” that they had anticipated, but instead had caused side effects, and they were still trying different medications to find something that would work.

Around this time, we found Dr. Lee. We were just about at the end of our rope as, in addition to the challenges at school, our son was very difficult at home. The weekends were a constant battle as he went from one tantrum to another, often screaming, hitting, throwing toys, kicking walls and destroying things. Every meal ended in a screaming match, and he could not sit still. He climbed on the chairs, windowsills, banged doors until there were holes in them. We were completely at our wit’s end.

Dr. Lee was our last hope before putting our son on medication. We knew we had to do something as our entire family was suffering (we have an older son who got almost no attention because every minute was spent dealing with his brother). My husband and I would often take turns, rescuing each other when we couldn’t cope any longer and needed a break. we read books on ADHD and tried many of the suggestions, but nothing seemed to make much of a difference. No one ever laughed, smiled or could relax as we were constantly anticipating the next outburst. We spent many sleepless nights worrying about what to do. From the first time I talked to Dr. Lee on the phone to make an appointment, I felt her calming presence. For the first time in several years, I felt there was hope for our son.

The initial appointments with Dr. Lee were expensive, as were the nutritional supplements she recommended for him. Also, she recommended major dietary changes and this was very challenging. However, we knew that this was our last hope to avoid giving our son medication, so we persevered. After one week on the new dietary/supplement regime, there was no change. We were very concerned about the cost and stressed due to all the dietary restrictions. We basically had to throw out everything we had and start over with an organic diet (this was expensive too), and we had to learn to cook from scratch free from dairy, wheat, sugar, eggs and corn. Needless to say, this was quite a challenge.

However, by the end of week two, the change in our son was nothing short of miraculous! He became calm and was able to sit through meals. It was as if a balloon deflated, as all the anger went out of him. When I would ask him if anything upset him at school, he would reply “no” and that “sometimes, you just have to live with it!” He started being able to play quietly with his toys and would sit and eat his breakfast quietly while he looked at a book or magazine. We could not have been more thrilled!

The amount of supplements our son has to take has dramatically decreased. We have been very vigilant about his diet. He has continued to do well, although he still has challenges with following directions and going along with group activities. Because of the dramatic change we have seen in him so far, we now feel confident that he is well on his way to a full recovery. It has only been four months since we began seeing Dr. Lee and our family is happy once again. We are now able to enjoy spending time with our son instead of each day being an uphill battle to keep things together. We could not more highly recommend Dr. Lee and her Energy Medicine practice. The combination of Energy Medicine, along with the dietary changes and supplements has completely changed our son and given us back a life that is no longer spent coping with one emotional crisis after another.

C. D.

Healing From Identity Issues and Life Crisis

I am a 58 y.o. man whose family crisis precipitated my own.  Dormant for decades, but occasionally visible at times, I realized that I did not know who I was – no longer trusting the most fundamental characteristics of my life and self, having no sense of authenticity, or having any sense of what I was doing and why.  I questioned my life in all its many aspects.  This was accompanied by anxiety, anger, fear, self-imposed pressure, and resentment for many actual interpersonal conflicts or even perceived slights.  My marriage was challenged, my ego was bruised, and my sleep was erratic (even with a sleeping aid).  I had gained weight, had not exercised, or felt good in any way.  My feelings of general anxiety and fear fed on themselves, and I felt depressed.  I was a mess.

I attempted to call other practitioners, but only two responded and only one, Dr. Lee, actually called me.  I felt desperate and made the appointment, but even as I did so, my skepticism of her approach and my natural fear of dealing with these various issues started to increase. While I have been always open to alternative ways of thinking, my spouse and I thought I needed a more “traditional” approach.  Indeed, I thought I had diagnosed myself and knew what medication and therapy was needed.  However, her alternative approach, although I did not know it when I started, was better.

Dr. Lee is a capable and caring practitioner.  She is perhaps the most non-judgmental person I have ever met.  She took all the necessary time (especially noteworthy in the first session) to listen to me thoroughly, posing comments and questions to ensure her understanding while challenging me to think everything through.  She offered differing viewpoints to challenge my understanding of what I thought I knew.  She also led me to perceive another possibility that I had either rejected earlier or was unable to see.

I felt much less anxious after our first session, and over time, I appreciated her eclectic use of various techniques.   From the first day, she put me at ease, allowing me to talk openly and candidly while she listened attentively.  As we moved forward over our visits, she introduced the energy medicine concept and later introduced appropriate dietary supplements.  I was doubtful about the use of such supplements, but I am pleased I started.  I should add that she never forced the use of the supplements, or even strongly suggested them, but she did allow me to consider them when I was ready.  I have incorporated the energy medicine concept and use of some supplements to help in other aspects of my life, and both are helpful.  She offered different ways of thinking about the same problem, many of which led to some soul-searching after the visit was over.  Not surprisingly, some of my own readings were reinforced by her.  She also offered items to read, which augmented our actual face-to-face sessions.

I have a new found perspective, one I did not think possible earlier.  My anxiety has decreased significantly, I sleep generally soundly most evenings, my interaction with my spouse has improved, and I feel better mentally and physically.  Dr. Lee has been a blessing.

K. L.

Successful Recovery from PTSD, Panic Attacks, Depersonalization, Anxiety, and Loss of Reality

I am 35 y.o., and have successfully gained my life back after having a severe mental breakdown due to trauma.  My symptoms included frequent panic attacks, depersonalization episodes, the feeling that I was dead, that life was a set-up, that I was trapped in a system I had no control over, and that I was trapped in my body. I felt I wanted to die, but I was terrified of dying too. I was afraid of everything, and everything seemed overwhelming. I could not tell what was “real” and what was my imagination or dreams. I felt that I would never be ok again.  Even though initially I could not leave my bed, except to go to my doctor’s appointments, because of my anxiety, I began to feel better and to have hope soon after I began treatment.

Before my breakdown, for three years, I lived abroad in a war-zone, where I had a very stressful job and life conditions. On top of this, I had travel to other continents frequently, financial problems, and sudden heartbreaking issues regarding my partner. I got to the point where my mind and my body could no longer function, and I broke-down.

The first 5 days of this experience seemed like the end of my life and my visit to hell. My family helped look for medical treatment, and my best friend referred me to Dr. Lee.  I was so scared!  I did not want to take prescription medications and was afraid that I was going to end-up in a psychiatric hospital or a prison. Her support changed my life!

Dr. Lee’s warmth and presence made me feel that I could trust her, and most importantly her confidence in the effectiveness of energy and orthomolecular medicine, her ability to explain it to me, and her believe in my own ability to heal, allowed me to recover.  Dr. Lee’s holistic approach worked at many levels. The physical, through a series of supplements to detox and strengthen my body. The emotional, through cutting-edge techniques that helped me let go of the emotional trauma I was carrying. The mental through psychotherapy. And, the energetic through breathing techniques and energy healing.

Dr. Lee helped me to re-connect to my vitality–the energy in my life. Without having to take any prescription medications, in a matter of 6 months I was able to be on my own outside my flat going on a train to another city. I was still afraid but I was able to try it, to trust life and live life. By the 9th month, I was able to fully go back to a new job and to continue building a fulfilled life.

Dr. Lee is one of the best doctors and healers I have ever met. I highly recommend her and wish that our healthcare system could offer more of this type of holistic care that includes the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our being.

L. J.

Healing from Eight Years of Postpartum Depression and Hypothyroidism

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lee twice a month since October, 2013, to treat the effects from severe postpartum depression that began eight years ago, as well as to help mitigate medication side effects, and to eventually wean myself off of them. Initially, I was on a high dosage of an antidepressant (200 mg, when the regular dosage is 50 mg), two thyroid medications, and experienced almost constant and painful GI symptoms and shoulder pain with no obvious cause. However, I was still feeling depressed and anxious.

I had tried many supplements, eliminated many foods, endured various diagnostic procedures, physical therapy, seen many doctors and practitioners, both conventional and holistic, with little to no relief. I felt I was sliding downward, my body and spirit breaking down. I was losing interest in life and things I used to enjoy and feared the effect it had on my son and all other relationships in my life.

I took various supplements she prescribed, and she used EFT, guided visualization, and orthomolecular/functional medicine for about two months, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soon I started feeling better.

She explained to me the risks, cost, and approximate duration of treatment, if I wanted to get off my medications, as well as what to expect in the process, and what symptoms to look out for. It was a significant time and financial commitment for me, but I chose to go ahead, because I felt my physical health was being significantly and negatively affected by my long term medication use. Yes, I could have chosen to change or add medication to try to address all the symptoms, but why risk putting more chemicals and potential toxins in my body, and likely more symptoms, when I had an effective alternative to actual health? And, as a holistic practitioner myself I most certainly wanted to make use of the very techniques I know to work.

I am now on my 8th month of treatment and feel increasingly better: the mental fog and lack of concentration, fears and anxiety are lifting and mostly gone, GI and shoulder pain are mostly gone, and most importantly, I’m beginning to feel like my old self again – happy, looking forward to things, and connecting with people. I’m starting to trust that my body can heal itself, and that I will be OK. My resilience to normal life obstacles is coming back.  I am coming back. All this while steadily decreasing not only the antidepressant, but also both thyroid medications – I’m down to less than a third of what I used to take and looking forward to being medication free soon!  I just wish I found Dr. Lee much, much sooner.

R. O.